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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Fine Jewelry

Posted by Vinita Henson on Sep 18, 2017 12:39:22 PM

Jewelry is the ultimate accessory for any fashionable gal. It adds a separate and defined element to the look- refined, bold, chic- whatever fashion statement you are trying to make can be completed with the perfect jewelry accessories. Many assume that only costume jewelry can add trendy and fashionable layers to a look, but that’s simply not true. Fine jewelry can be fun and playful as well and completely polishes a look, essentially bringing it all together. While fine jewelry is certainly an investment, it is one that is well worth building on, as your jewelry can be kept for years, as well as passed down to members of your family over time. Why buy fine jewelry? Here are three reasons why you should- as well as how to wear it in different ways to enhance your wardrobe.


  • Key Pieces of Fine Jewelry Will Heighten your Wardrobe- Just like with building the clothing elements in your wardrobe, when it comes to buying fine jewelry, you want to start with purchasing the essentials- also known as key pieces. These are the pieces of jewelry that are multi-faceted- meaning they can be worn with everything without being too flashy or overwhelming to the eye. Your first fine jewelry fundamentals should include a great pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. Fine jewelry should be picked according to your lifestyle, just as much as taking into consideration your style profile. For instance, if you go to the gym daily, you will probably want to invest in a 14K gold chain and pendant. The alloy metals added to the gold will ensure that it performs better for everyday wear as that necklace is made to be stronger vs. an 18 or 24K chain. The higher the ‘K’ in gold, the softer and more pliable the piece will be because of the purity of the gold and thus, more prone to damage.
  • Fine Jewelry Stands the Test of Time- When you invest in fine jewelry, it’s the same notion as investing in the perfectly tailored suit. It will last, looks great and because it’s cut specifically for your body, the quality shines through. Thus, it’s worth the money that you put behind it and so is your investment into fine jewelry. Besides the fact that fine jewelry- when cared for properly- won’t tarnish or rust, these pieces become ones that can last for many years and even be passed down to your children or grandchildren as heirlooms.
  • Fine Jewelry is Always Fashion Forward- The fashion world can be finicky in nature. Trends come and go with each fashion season and you will always see styles repeat themselves in reinvented ways. Unlike trend driven fashions, however, fine jewelry is always in season. This is because fine jewelry is crafted to be timeless, to be worn a variety of ways and to exude fine craftsmanship and quality. Beautifully cut and shined gemstones never go out of style, nor do gold, silver or platinum materials. Fine jewelry will also always look better when compared to fashion-driven pieces because light will naturally illuminate and bring out the sparkle in fine jewelry. While fashionable costume jewelry is indeed fun and affordable, cheap workmanship can never stand up to the superiority of gemstones and natural metals. Even handcrafted and painted costume jewelry is no comparison when put against pieces of fine jewelry. Fine jewelry offers longevity just as much as it offers beauty.


So, as you are beginning your jewelry quest, remember to look for those items that represent your style. Of course, budget is also a consideration, but don't think if you can't afford the 18 or 24K price tag that you are not able to start building your jewelry archives with pieces that are less pricey. There are always options in fashion jewelry, and cost-friendly pieces that you can explore in the fine jewelry world. Make them work for YOU!

Remember- semi-precious stones, sterling silver and different levels of gold- from 10K all the way up are also defined as “fine jewelry”. Also, give yourself time to save and invest in those more cultured, sophisticated pieces you’re eyeing that are more expensive. Enjoy the process of building your jewelry wardrobe a bit at a time.

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