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Things to Consider When Planning a Fine Jewelry Party At Home

Posted by Vinita Henson on Oct 2, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Fine jewelry parties are all the rage because they are interactive, fun and can result in a ton of sales for the host of the party and beautiful prizes and purchases for the guests. Those that choose to host fine jewelry parties can find that it is an excellent and valuable resource in building a separate stream of income, as well as receiving exclusive discounts and possibly even free jewelry for hosting.

If you’re looking to host a fine jewelry party, you want to ensure that your planning and due diligence is handled in advance. Lay your elements out early as to how you want the party to flow. Then, you will be able to offer your guests a smooth and enjoyable evening where they can learn about jewelry, make new friends and invest in some amazing pieces of jewelry. Follow these three tips as you begin to plan your own fine jewelry party:

Entertain and Educate Your Guests- Of course, you must provide a source of entertainment for your guests- it’s a party! Coming up with fun games where your guests can win trinkets will of course keep them engaged and interested in buying more. You can decide if you want to play trivia games, like ‘Fine Jewelry Jeopardy’ where your guests can try and guess the answers on different types of fine jewelry, how fine jewelry is defined, identifying gemstones, etc. Not only is this a fun way to get your guests interested in the jewelry that you are offering them, but you are able to educate them at the same time. Discuss with your fine jewelry company the types of gifts that you will be able to give out during the party to entice your guests. Make sure that you have them up for display to excite your guests by what they can win. As you are offering fine jewelry, you may not be able to have all the jewelry on hand that will be purchased, so in this case have pictures and timelines as to delivery.

Do Your Due Diligence- You don’t have to spend a ton of money to provide your guests with some great food and drinks- whether you decide to do a punch or even cocktails for your fine jewelry party. But refreshments will be an essential aspect. You can decide what works for your crowd based on the attendee list. Check with your guests in advance to see if you are going to have any vegans, or if there will be individuals with specials diets or food allergies participating in the party. You want to do your best to accommodate your guests so that they feel comfortable and can kick back and enjoy the party.

Once you have your menu planned, send out your invitations for your fine jewelry party. E-vites are often better than sending out physical invitations. We live in a digital age, so let social media be your friend. Don’t forget that word-of-mouth is still the best type of marketing. Encourage your guests to bring a friend with them, let them know the types of jewelry that you will have available and find out more about their likes and dislikes when it comes to fine jewelry. Also, always over, rather than under invite. On average, about 20% of attendees that confirm attendance for events and parties will show up.

Offer Great Discounts and Exclusive Deals- Of course, you want your guests to save money over jewelry stores and such, which is why they are attending your party. Work on pushing fine jewelry pieces that have been discounted, including clearance items, as well as getting exclusive deals and coupons to use for your fine jewelry party. You can often sell more quantity that way, because when people are saving money they tend to buy more.

When you map out the way you want your party to run and extensively handle the elements of your preplanning, you will have a successful event! Time your party so that there is a start and actual finish time and keep yourself on task by setting start and finish times for the activities as well. Invest in disposable dishes and cutlery for the event, to make clean up a breeze. Decorative wear will make it even more interesting and beautiful and you can even use a theme to really captivate your guests’ attention. Overall, handling your fine jewelry party this way will take away the stress and allow you to enjoy yourself as well!

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